Studio NorthWest

A Workout for the Whole Body

Enegage every part of your body in our Barre studio. Build strength and endurance in this low-impact workout.

B3 Barre - Signature Class

B3 - Our signature Build, Burn, Barre kicks it up a notch! Elevate your heart rate, increase sets and reps. Build endurance with longer posture holds designed to challenge all muscle groups.

Whole Body Barre

Ballet and Pilates inspired workout designed to fine tune your muscles! Build strength and increase flexibility by working all major muscle groups. Flow through low-impact exercises designed to lift, tighten, and tone using isometric strength training.

Circuit Barre

A twist on traditional barre! Work through multiple circuits designed to push your muscles to fatigue and build strength. Modifications and challenges offered in every circuit.

Barre Basics - Introductory Class

Once a month, learn the basics of body alignment and proper form in this beginner barre class.

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43 Degrees North Athletic Club

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Address: 2 Home Avenue, Concord NH 03301

Phone: 603-219-0993


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