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Straight Up Strength 

Recruit and challenge all your muscles using an integration of upper and lower body exercises. This full body, strength training workout is designed to get you stronger and increase muscular endurance.

Cardio HIIT & Kickin' Cardio 

Cardio HIIT - Take your heartrate to the max with 30 non-stop minutes of unchoreographed cardio drills. No experience required in this timer-based interval class.

Kickin' Cardio - Punch, jab, jump & Kick in this intense cardio class designed to leave you drenched.

43 Burn

Push your body through intense bursts of exercises followed by short recovery periods in this mixture of timer-based intervals of strength and cardio.


Incorporates interval training with pop music, and fitness choreography. Get a high caloric burn and full body workout alternating between cardio and toning tracks.

Stretch & Flex

Strengthen and mobilize using bodyweight Yoga &Pilates inspired moves. Isometric holds & dynamic multidirectional movements will simultaneously develop core stability & balance. 

Party 43

It’s a PARTY alright!!  Have some fun and sweat to the beat of top 40 hits in this cardio class. This class combines easy to follow dance and strength intervals choreographed to the beat of the music.  


Spend 30 minutes dedicated to your lower body. Simultaneously work your core and glutes to increase strength and stability.

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